[Ultimate Guide] How To Create YouTube Channel

Everyone knows this thing, YouTube gives you opportunity of earn money from their platform without any investment. First of all you need a one YouTube channel for earn money from YouTube, But some people are don’t know how to create YouTube channel. So today we will learn about how to create YouTube channel. Let’s get start.

How To Create YouTube Channel.

First of all you need to a G-mail account, Because you don’t access Google’s any products without G-mail account. So first create a gmail account, After you can join with YouTube creator program. Before you create YouTube channel, there are few things you need to know about them.
(1) Choose your niche. ( Comedy, Tech, Education, News, Blogs etc….)
(3) Think about channel name.
(2) Create a G-mail account according your channel name.
(3) One mobile number for verification of your channel.

First Step : Sign in with YouTube in your desktop browser.

Create YouTube Channel
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Second Step : Click on top right of the screen user icon > Click on my channel. ( See on screenshot )

Create YouTube Channel
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Third Step : Now open new tab ( See on screenshot) and fill your first name and surname. Now click on Create Channel.

Create YouTube Channel
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Congratulations your channel is open now. Upload logo, Channel art, write channel description. Now simply click on Upload Video button and upload a video on your channel.

After create YouTube channel, Edit settings in creator studio. Verify your channel with your mobile number. Because some features are available after verifying channel. So this is most important step. Now enable AdSense for your content and earn money. You can make 50 YouTube channel with one G-mail account.

So friends i hope you can understand how to create YouTube channel. Give your opinion in comment section below. If any questions in your mind so comment in comment section below. We will try to solve your questions. Thanks for the read article till end. If you like this post then share with your other friends. Thank you.

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  1. ANAND
    सितम्बर 2, 2018

    Some videos become viral without content. How it happens ?


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