Marketing Definition : What Is Marketing?

We always keep listening to marketing, Think of what is marketing? May look a little odd, But it is not!! It is a process in which a plan has to started from the beginning, and the need of marketing from a small business man to large companies is needed. After read this article, you will find the answer to every question you have. So, let’s start  marketing definition.

What Is Marketing? & Marketing Definition

Marketing Definition
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It is a process that helps big companies from every businessman to reach their customers in their products. There are many different definitions of marketing, but the best definition that defines marketing well is that.

Marketing Definition.

“Marketing is a management process that lets your goods or service reach a product by creating a product with a concept.”   It’s called marketing definition.

There are 4 different elements in this process, which we call Four P in Marketing.

Product – Select what you sell.
Price – what will the product cost?
Place – Where your customer will buy that product
Promotion – How do you tell your customer about the product?
Note – This product means both goods and service.

How successful your bussiness is, depends on how well you can use these four elements in your bussiness.


What are you going to sell
To know what you want to sell, you should know what your customer needs, then choose your product according to the customer’s needs. You will get more people alive than your product, the more chances you will buy that product from you, tell others, and come again to buy your product again.

Some things to keep in mind while making PRODUCT:
Mass product or customization: Your product is the same for all your customers or you have to customize your product for every customer. Your product is new or already in the market. If your product is new, then you have to tell the people why people need your product. Or if your product is already present in the market, then you have to tell how good or cheap it is to the first ones.

Test it
Made your product according to your customer but did you see the customer’s response? Customers often do not buy them because of a small shortage of your product. So you give the product test to the customer and then check their response.

2. Price

How much would you sell your product? The price of your product will have a great effect on the sales of your product. If your product is cheap, then the customer will not feel good quality or you will earn the work advantage, if the product is a mega, then the customer will buy it less. To keep the right price for the product, you should think the cost of making the product, product compititor’s price. How much your customer is willing to pay for your product.

3. Place

Where will the customer buy your product? Will you sell the product directly to the customer, or sell it to whole seller or retailer in the middle? If you are about to sell, you will sell it online or offline.

4. Promotion

How people will know about your product. To buy your product, people must first know it, it must be a positive thought about it and people should be ready to buy it, All this depends on how you promote your product. With knowing what marketing is, it is important to know what is the way to promote it. Traditional advertising such as TV, Magazine, Newspaper or Radio. Digital marketing such as PPC advertising, Social media, and SEO. You should try any advertising method, it should be your effort that you can show and sell your product to the maximum number of audience in less money.

What is not marketing? 

it is important to know what is marketing with what is not. So, It does not mean sells or selling. Yes, marketing results are only sale when we advertise the product online or offline and branding it and telling people about it. The sales is done by sales department, who are directly selling the product to the customer. The marketers is to branding the product and tell the customers about the product.

Types Of Marketing

  • B2B -Business To Business 
  • B2C -Bussiness To Consumer

1. B2B – Business To Business

In B2B  we promote our product to the already made for business. As if talking offline, target the Whole seller who can sell our product. If talking online, then we target websites like B2B websites like IndiaMart, TradeIndia or Alibaba.

2 .B2C- Business To Consumer

In B2C, we target advertisements by direct consumer or customer, for this also, different ways are used in both online and offline.

Marketing Methods

1. Paid Advertising 

Paid advertising are uses both Traditional and Digital.
Traditional uses TV, Newspaper, Radio, Magazine and print media. Digital uses PPC (Pay per click) Ads. ads that you see on Facebook, Twitter, Search Engine or Websites.

2. Cause

In Cause marketing companies are promote your product with any social cause or issue.

3. Relationship

In Relationship Marketing companies are a good maintain  relation with you and show loyalty by providing good services to them.

4. Word Of Mouth 

These marketing depends on what effect you leave on the customer. If you have been giving a good product to the customer, then customer will tell his friends and relatives about it. It is very important in traditional marketing.

5. Transitional

In Traditional Marketing companies are offer customer a shopping coupon, gift card and a discount. This is attracts customers towards the product and also has a sell.

6. Undercover

In undercover marketing, the product is promoted in such a manner that the customer does not know how to advertise companies. This type of marketing also told stealth marketing.

How Marketing Works With Your Business?

Marketing is not a separate process, it works in conjunction with the complete business such as:

  • The focus of research and development team should be to create a product that meets your customer’s needs.
  • Your production team has been able to make the decent fulfiil, and you can make the quality product that you have placed.
  • Financial Team is able to decide on the right price of the product and decide on the right price of the product.
  • Human resource team is able to hire good people to train and maintain a good image of your company.
  • The environment team should take care of your packing as well, as well as being affordable and not affecting the environment.

I hope you have enjoyed this marketing definition article very well. You have got complete information about what is marketing and how it works, If there any question then please comment in the comment box. We will definitely give you the answer. You can get it from here.

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