What Is Processor? Types Of Processor & Architecture

What is processor? If you gone buy a computer, you must have heard about the central processing unit aka processor aka CPU, and have even had the curiosity to know that after all what it does, let’s explain it.

What Is Processor? 

what is processor
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This is the most important part of the computer. It contains a microprocessor chip which works all the way to think for the computer and manages the program according to the user’s commands and instructions. It has a square shape and is well-placed in your motherboard. In a way, it is the brain of the computer and due to the brain it is also very hot, and to keep it cool, it is also fitted with a big fan which is called CPU Fan. If you open your CPU’s lid, you will see installed big fan, actually processor installed under the fan. Nowadays the processor pin comes equipped, but from today 5 years ago the pins processors used to come. In today’s time, Intel company‘s dualcore and I3 or I7 processors are most popular. The ability of computer to process these processors greatly increases.


First of all, you have to know about it. The design of architecture processor is that it is such a design that designers are designing the same as we design the house. So first of all, you have to keep in mind that the processor was created by which license of the company. Such as :- Cortex A-5, Cortex A-7, Cortex A-9, Cortex A-11, Cortex A-15, Cortex A-53, Cortex A-57, Cortex A-5. This company changes its processor design every year, the more powerful the processor becomes,

Types Of Processor 

The power of the processor depends on its technology. According to architecture, the company makes processors using nano technology. Very small transistors are used in making processor. The smaller the size of the transistor, the processor becomes equally powerful. Here are the names of some companies given below. Those nano meters mentioned together will help you find out which processors are more powerful.

Company                            Size

Exynos (Samsung)          14 Nano Meter

Qualacomm                      16-20 Nano Meter

Mediatek                            26 Nano Meter 

Number of Cores

When you are buying a mobile it is written above that it has Dual core-2 core, Quad core-4 core, Hexa core- 6 core, Octa core-8 core. The more core in the processor will be, the more processor will be powerful. And along with it its architecture and technology should also be new so that it can support it well and give maximum speed to mobile. Below are some of the mobile which have been told about their processor.

1. Octa-core: Samsung Galaxy S 7 & Samsung Galaxy S 6 edge
2. Hexa-core: LG G4™
3. Quad-core: DROID TURBO Motorola


This point is most important in all these points because if the processor does not know the frequency of a mobile, then the speed of the processor will not even know how many clocks it works on the second. And its Frequency measurement unit is HZ, 1Ghz in a mobile processor means that it works 1 second 10 million times. As the number increases, the processor speed increases as well.

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Below we are telling you about some processors used in some Android and will also tell their details so that you get convinced which processor is good.

(1) Exynos 

what is processor
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This processor makes Samsung company and it only creates the processor for mobile. This is the best processor for Android mobile. In this you will find quad core and octa core processors.

(2) Qualcomm Snapdragon 

what is processor
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Qualcomm is the largest mobile processor maker that uses ARM architecture. Its 800 series processors are considered to be the best. This company designs its own processor and simultaneously designs its own graphic processor. Its 4-series processors are made for 200 series processors, made for the cheapest mobile. Then there is a 400-series processor, which is made for the middle range smartphone. After that there is a processor of 600 series, which is made for mobile phones with a higher range and the processor of the last is the 800 series processor, it is designed for the most expensive phones.


what is processor
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NVIDIA company’s processor, 1 Core uses more. If you use any of its 4 core processors, then you have 4 + 1 core. The processor of 1 core works on the Sleep mode so that the battery backup increases.

(4) Intel Atom 

what is processor
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Intel processors are used very little in the smartphone, its processor is used in Asus Zenfone. It is designed on X86 architecture.

(5) Mediatek 

what is processor
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Mediatake is Taiwanese company. It makes the cheapest processor on today’s time and the mobile in which the processor is used is almost cheap mobile. This company uses most Core in its processor. The biggest drawback of these processors is that they use this power too much, so that the battery of the phone is quickly dredged and there are many such devices that can also hit the problem of hit. But in the market so far it is the cheapest processor.

(6) HiSilicon Kirin 

what is processor
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These processors are made by China’s company Huawei. In their latest model you will find Mali GPU and use ARM CPU Cores and Upgraded Network Technology. It is made using processor 16 nanometer technology. The battery life of this processor is very high and your mobile does not get too hot. According to the average, this processor is also the best.

I hope you got full information about what is processor. If you like this article then share with your friends. if any question so comment on comment section below, we are trying to give your answer. thanks for read this article beginning to end.

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